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Late today, sorry!

I went through a bunch of my favorite anthologies in anticipation of this post, but just like I discussed on Wednesday, my puny human brain with its pathetic heuristics failed me.  I’d remember a story I loved and think, “Ooooh, how evil!”  And then, paging through it, I’d find myself thinking, “Is this evil, or just really, really horrible?”  I think it’s fundamentally difficult to avoid interpreting threats to soundness of mind/body as necessarily malevolent.  I could probably make some comment on evolutionary biology, or the importance of social mores, or the philosophy of evil as a human construction…but I am a biology grad student, and my profound thinking pretty much boils down to “What can I add to these cells to make them stop doing this thing?  What can I add to make them do it even more?”  So I’ll spare you my deep thoughts, and for that, you should be grateful.


An uncannily accurate representation of my first year of grad school, complete with the mirth of onlookers.

Instead, allow me to play to my strengths: going on and on about modern mythos fiction featuring themes of Legit Evil that you really ought to read.

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