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There are a number of acceptable responses to recognizing the ultimate indifference of the cosmos and the absolute, soul-crushing insignificance of humanity.  Despair, insanity, denial…  Until today, I didn’t realize that hunger might be involved

p1050257In sunken R’yleh dead Cthulhu lies toasting

But apparently the good lads and ladies of Kitchenoverlord had an entire WEEK dedicated to Lovecraftian food.

cthulhuSalted Mountain Dew tentacle cupcakes!  I’d take issue with the implications that all Lovecraft cultists love Mountain Dew and salty snacks, but…goddamn it, those look good.

Will I make these?  You better believe it.  I have no intentions of turning this into a baking blog, but look for occasional (potentially hilarious) pictures of my finished products.

The Cultist

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