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Category Archives: Saturday shorts

A friend who almost certainly wishes to remain anonymous sent me this (a real, valid Kickstarter that went tragically unfunded):

Such a shame.

The Cultist

1) H.P. Lovecraft HATED “Herbert West: Reanimator”.  He claimed he wrote it only because it paid $5 per installment.  S.T. Joshi indicates that it is universally taken to be his worst piece of writing, ever.

2) I’ve tried watching Reanimator (the 1985 movie) twice, but I’ve gotten only halfway through it.  Not because it’s a bad movie (and it is, it’s terrible), but because I have a tragically strong startle reflex that makes me petrified of the possibility of jump scares.

3) Despite both #1 and #2, I find the theme song/title sequence absurdly catchy and delightful.  Enjoy!

The Cultist

Foreshadowing a turn toward more oceanic themes this coming week, please enjoy one of my favorite Lovecraft-inspired songs of all times!

The Cultist