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Well, so.

I’m still here, still reading away, still mired in the Weird as ever.  But obviously, I’ve been absolutely terrible at updating this site.

Why is that?

Half of it is the usual stuff: grad school, writing papers, and what I hope to God is an impending defense.

The other half is a little more interesting, and much more exciting*.  Every time I wrote a post critical of Lovecraftian work, every time I read a story and got frustrated, a little nagging voice at the back of my head would whisper, “If you’re such an expert, why don’t you write your own?”  Some of the time (if I had been particularly vitriolic), the little voice was snide.  Most of the time, though, it was just wistful.  I love the community of weird horror.  I love seeing writers talk back and forth to each other.  And I couldn’t shake the thought that I wanted to be a part of it, so badly.

And so, finally, around the time that I was getting hung up on Derleth and his MOTHERFUCKING water elementals, I decided to give it a shot.  So I wrote a story.  And then another.  And I haven’t really looked back from there.

Nothing has been published yet–I’ve gotten a bunch of form rejections, a couple of non-form rejections that were quite kind and encouraging, one shortlist then a no, one shortlist and still waiting.  But I’m writing.  And I don’t intend to stop.

But this takes time, obviously.  I don’t want to transform this blog into a LET ME FOIST EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WRITTEN THAT NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO READ ONTO YOU, MY BLOG READERS!!! shitshow.  Furthermore, I remain (as ever) dedicated to diving headfirst into quality Lovecraftian fiction and then speculating/raving/complaining about it.

So, I intend to start writing on this blog again, with the same focus and tone, on the same old M/W/F/S schedule.  But the pieces might be a little more cursory, a little more split-up.  I might talk a little bit about writing on occasion.  And if anything does get published, I’ll let you know.

It’s good to be back.

Also, for those of you keeping track at home, my Cthulhu steins did arrive.  They are, indeed, wonderful.

The Cultist

*To me.