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So, if you love a Miyazaki fan who’s also a Lovecraft fan but you don’t know what to get them for their birthday, there’s always this:

Cthulhu totoro

Yes, that is a Cthulhu-Totoro plush music box, available here on Etsy.

It plays “Killing me softly with his song”, because what else would it play?

The Cultist

Thanks to Clickhole and an anonymous acolyte for this link, and for reminding us all that even those of us whose genitals refute earthly geometry and would make a Hound of Tindaloos flee in terror are still sexual beings.

(Personally, I had always just assumed that your average adult penis typically rivaled the Lament Configuration in terms of sheer complexity and brain-bending horror…is that not the case?)


I have such sights to show you…in my pants.

-The Cultist

Foreshadowing a turn toward more oceanic themes this coming week, please enjoy one of my favorite Lovecraft-inspired songs of all times!

The Cultist