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Despite being a complete horror nerd, I do have some distinctly non-menacing interests, one of them being traditional music and dances.  And, as such, I have a very, very soft spot for sea shanties, which (Google has just told me) you have doubtlessly heard if you’ve played Assassin’s Creed 4.

So, the other day I happened across this variant of Drunken Sailor, which (as you might imagine) I’ve listened to 30 or 40 times now.

And then I found the source: The Curious Sea Shanties of Innsmouth, a collection of the oddly and OH MY GOD.  Click the previews–I’m most partial to Undying Ladies, which those in the know will recognize as a variant of Spanish Ladies.

Only $15…will I have the patience to request it for Christmas, or will I break down and buy it?  Is there any way I can get the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society to hire me?  Only time will tell.

The Cultist

H.P. Lovecraft would have turned 125 yesterday, and as such, the internet was chock-full of interesting stuff.  So, in lieu of the ordinary essay, I figured I’d show you all the best of what I found!

First, there’s this song by the Mountain Goats, about a man living in a big city beset by loneliness, confusion, and anxiety who finds himself relating to Lovecraft’s year-long exile to NYC:

Then, I happened across this compilation of Lovecraft’s advice to aspiring writers.  Some of it didn’t quite speak to me (study the King James bible?), some of it did (please, for the love of god, stop using nouns for verbs, everyone–he said/she said/they said will always work beautifully), but all of the tips and tricks give really interesting insight into how he created his stories–from the careful outlining to the use of unusual vocabulary with care.  (Care needed not because he was concerned about alienating his readers, but simply because it’s easy to use unusual words incorrectly, and that simply would not do.)

Relatedly, here’s the original outline for At the Mountains of Madness!


I posted this to the Facebook page yesterday, but in case you missed it, here’s a Lovecraftian alphabet.  (Bonus nerd points if you watch it for the first time with the sound off to see how many you can identify.)

…okay, I will admit, I didn’t actually read this one (and I likely will not), but it contains all sorts of…links…and stuff…for those of you who might be…interested in this sort of thing: The Posthumous Pornification of H.P. Lovecraft

(Without reading it whatsoever, I would just like to say: I blame hentai.  Hentai is that which wrought this.)

Lovecraft’s stories are always good to read on your own, but they have potential to be mind-blowing if read out loud.  Check out this playlist for some good examples (although I’m certain there’s plenty more floating around the internet that I just haven’t found yet).

And lastly, if you didn’t celebrate enough yesterday, here’s a fine list of fun suggestions to honor the man this weekend.

Happy birthday, H.P.L!

The Cultist

Foreshadowing a turn toward more oceanic themes this coming week, please enjoy one of my favorite Lovecraft-inspired songs of all times!

The Cultist